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Births for Africo Vecchio and Casalnuovo

1866 to 1899


Nascita 1866-1899 Africo, Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy.

LDS Film Number 1797762 Item 3

Name of child and some have the =parents below them and the *grandparents following the parents name (if known).

Names in parentheses are (?) unknown or my best guess.

The names are copied as they appeared on the Atti di Nascita, in the case of my surname research you will see the oldest records with the spelling Mangiaruga, Mangiaruca, Mangeruca. Mangeruca is the spelling that is presently being used in Italy, although there are Mangiaruca, Mangiaruga and Mangeruga in Italy also. Mangiaruca is the spelling being used in the USA by my family although there are also Mangiaruga, Mangeruca and Mangeruga in the USA. In Argentina I have seen the spelling Mangeruda, Mangeruga, Mangeruga Lezcano, Mangialuca, Mangiarua, Mangiaruca, Mangiaruga, Mangiaruva and Mangieruca. I have done no research of those names in Argentina so I don't know the connection to my family.

My Great grandfather Vincenzo's parents (my gg grandparents) were Pietro Mangiaruca and Rosa Maria Caliciuri/Calaciuri and Pietro's parents (my ggg grandparents) were Giuseppe Mangiaruca and Margherita Morabito.

Natale Ramondino and Lucia Comande' are my Great Great Grandparents (my great grandmothers parents). Vincenzo Mangiaruga and Maria Ramondino are my Great Grandparents.


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