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A Little History

My Great Great Great Grandparents resided in
Santo Stefano D'Aspromonte, Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Their names were Giuseppe Mangiaruca and Margherita Morabito.
Their son Pietro was born in Santo Stefano in 1825.

Pietro married Rosa Maria Caliciuri, born 1824 in Santo Stefano,
daughter of Giuseppe Caliciuri and Anna Maria Priolo.

Pietro and Rosa Maria had six children (I know of).
Giuseppe, born in Oppido Mammertina.
Carmela Pasqualina, born in Africo.
Angelo Domenico, born 1855 in Pedavoli.
Filomena, born 1861 in Pedavoli.
Domenico, born 1864 in Pedavoli.
and my Great Grandfather Vincenzo, born 1852 in Pedavoli.

Vincenzo married Maria Ramondino, born 1855 in Africo,
daughter of Natale Ramondino and Lucia Comande'.

Vincenzo and Maria had 8 children, all born in Africo.
Pietro, born 1878.
My Grandfather Francesco, born 1881.
Giuseppe, born 1887.
Filomena, born 1890.
Maria Antonia, born 1893.
Natale, born 1896.
Vincenzo, born 1899.
Lucia, born ?.

Francesco married Rosina Marotta,
born 1898 in Sant'Agata di Militello, Sicily,
daughter of Carmelo Marotta and Benedetta Caprino.

Francesco and Rosina had three children
all born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
Vincent, 17 October 1919.
Mary, born 26 September 1922.
and my father Herman Carmelo (HC), born 1 February 1925.